Shirzad Omar Mahmoud spied against the Israeli interest and submitted the information to the Iranian regime

Shirzad Omar Mahmoud spied against the Israeli interest and submitted the information to the Iranian regime.

Shirzad Omar Mahmoud cooperating with Iranian terror organization Sepah Quds and the smuggling of people and send to Europe, he works for Fadel Merani.
As we have heard Shirzad Omar Mahmoud suffering from strong psychological and mentality diseases.
Shirzad Omar Mahmoud has lived in Iran and reared in Karaj, he has been in school in Iran, his big brother was working multiples year by Iranian intelligence against Komala and Democrat pdki them Kurdish organization.
Shirzad Omar Mahmoud worked for Iranian intelligence until yet there is evidence that Iranian intelligence sent Shirzad Omar Mahmoud twice to Israel to photograph important place in Israel.
so he sent to Israel by the Iranian intelligence services of spying

Shirzad Omar Mahmoud and Sherko Abdullah Osman and three others are criminals must stand in front of a court what they have done in 2012 against the Kurdish journalist
I would say to those who do not know about those people who are criminal and known today as the Jewish representative in Kurdistan, those criminal persons named Shirzad Omar Mahmoud and Sherko Osman Abdullah, they are certainly not Jews them completely lying, Shirzad Omar Mahmoud with Sherko Osman Abdullah and three people to sell Kurdish journalist mawlud afand to Iranian intelligence in 2012.
Shirzad Omar Mahmoud and Sherko Osman Abdullah are both criminals, overhead time there is absolutely no Jews live today in Kurdistan. they are not Jews, they are lying do not believe them krim ella people who every day try to find things in .which we have investigated Shirzad Omar Mahmoud is a psychopath and at the same time suffering from strong mythomaniac.
PDK Barzani's party is trying to prevent those criminal persons for trial.

They know that Shirzad Omar Mahmoud and some have even sold many of pdki and Komala members of the Iranian intelligence

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